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Welcome to the 12th Circuit "Online" Child Visitation Form.


GAL Login Area



Enter the same User ID & Password that was previously supplied to you by your CAC and/or VTL and then click "login". As you proceed through the form you will find a dropdown menu called " CAC or VTL  Email ". Select from the dropdown menu the email address of the CAC or VTL to whom you would like your form data sent. You will also find an area called "GAL Email address".  It is important that you enter your exact email address in this text box and it must only be single recipient . At the conclusion of your report activate the "Submit" button.  When activated the report's data will automatically be forwarded to the CAC or VTL you selected as well as the single email address you entered in the GAL Email address box. You will now now have a copy of the data sent to you for your records.

All fields in the report must have an entry for the "submit" button to be activated. Upon the successful submission of your form a text box will appear advising you that your form was submitted to your CAC or VTL.  Exit that screen and within minutes depending on the speed of your email service a copy of your submitted data will appear at the email address you entered on the form.  

   Need additional help call Bob @ 941-441-6884