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Mentor's Corner

 Entry Level GAL Training Info 

New entry level GAL training will consist of 3 modules or phases.  
(Click here for a Google Slides (power point type) presentation of the mentoring process)

 Phase-1 - Independent Studies (IS): When a new guardian candidate successfully completes their interview they are directed to to start their pre-service training. The training is in a PowerPoint / Google Slides  format and contains readings, videos, and quizzes. Upon successfully completing this part of the training the new candidate will have earned two certificates. Copies of the certificated should be forwarded to our circuit's Member Liaison or provided the the Trainer on the first day of class.   

Phase-2 Classroom Training: The mentor is not required to attend the new candidates classroom training. It is possible that the new candidate might have some questions about what they have learned in class. That said the mentor should advise the new candidate to contact themselves or the new candidate's CAM should they have any questions that might need clarification regarding class work.

Provisional Status: This status is awarded to the new guardian candidate who has successfully completed Phase-1 & Phase-2 of their training. This status also requires that the Guardian ad Litem program receives notification that the new candidate has cleared their Level 2 Background Screening. Only then will this status be awarded and the candidate be permitted to start Phase-3 Fieldwork.    

Phase-3 Fieldwork: This phase of the training is the most hands on portion of the new guardian's mentoring process. There are 7 sections in the Fieldwork Matrix and are listed below. You might want to download a copy of Form 3B to guide the new guardian through the 7 sections.  

1. Court Observation: Form 3A  

2. Review of the Case File with the Mentor: Form 3C - This should include the assignment of the new guardian's case. 

3. Case Notes/Reports/Documentation: 

4. First Child Visit & Bio Parent Contact:

5. Contacts with Case Resources:

6. Working with the CBC (Community Based Care) Agency & their Case Managers:

7. Fieldwork Activities Review & Final Certification Process: This will include a Team Meeting that involves the new guardian, their assigned CAM, and mentor. When the "Full Certification Fieldwork Checklist & Approval (Form 3B) is satisfactorily completed the new guardian's Provisional status can be upgraded to Certified.   

Complex and Courtroom Maps These maps can be downloaded and used to assist the volunteer with locating parking, their respective GAL offices, and our dependency courtrooms. These maps also include a floor plan of each respective county's courtroom. The courtroom map helps the GAL to orient themselves and identifies the principals involved in the case. 
click here to download "Manatee complex & courtroom maps"
click here to download "Sarasota complex & courtroom maps"
click here to download "DeSoto Courtroom map"
Pre-Service Flow Process - This single page document outlines the process that the 12th Circuit Guardian ad Litem program uses to interview, engage, train, mentor, evaluate, and ultimately certify our new guardians.  click here for the Pre-Service Process flowchart
Legal Flow of Case
This document can be used to explain to the new volunteers how the legal components of the dependency process play out. click here to download "Legal Flow" training aid

Mentor Handbook (12th Circuit)  - Click here for PDF copy of Mentor Handbook 

Mentor 2.0 Flow Chart - This chart was developed to help staff and guardians understand the process for identifying, capturing, and developing our guardian's strengths in regards to assisting our program.  click here for Mentor 2.0 flow chart.  

Volunteer Mentor Job Description: click here for description   

Volunteer Coordinator (Lead) Mentor Job Description: click here for description

Caregivers Guide - click here for copy  

Pre-service Trainingclick here for pre-service Training (Google Slides)

Training aid for new GALs -  What does a GAL need to do 

Step by step training to aid new guardians work in OPTIMA- click here for OPTIMA Helper

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