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Independent Studies Links Page.




In order to access the Phase One Independent Studies (IS) portion of your training please click one of the IS links below. The preferred link uses the MS Powerpoint format.  Should you select this IS format it is recommended that you access the instructional link below. 

Click here to read these instructions prior to using the MS Powerpoint link

The MS Powerpoint link will take you to the Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program's website where you will find both the "Independent Studies - Phase One Training" and "Independent Studies Overview Quiz". Click on "Phase One training" and later complete the respective "Overview Quiz".   

Independent Studies Phase One Link (MS Powerpoint)

Should you have difficulty accessing  the "MS Powerpoint Link" please feel free to access your training via the "Google Slides Link" listed below. The Google Slides link does not require any software downloads and goes directly to the training after a brief pause.   

Independent Studies Phase One (Embedded Google Slides Format)


If you have any questions regarding any of the information presented in these modules please do not hesitate to ask your local point of contact guiding you in your training.