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"Did You Know?"  

Release Forms for Parents  Did you know that some organizations will not honor the GAL Program's court orders for the parents medical records? This is due to their interpretation of the federal HIPAA privacy rules regarding medical records. You still should have no problems getting your assigned children's records since their names are on the court order. If you have the parents sign the form below it authorizes you to talk to the parent's providers and access their records.   

click here to download "blank release forms"

Daycare/School Checklist

click here to download "Daycare/School Checklist"

Incarcerated parent letter 

click here to download "Incarcerated parent letter"

Courtesy Guardian Ad Litem Guidelines  Do you know what a "sending and receiving program" does and how each addresses courtesy visitation services? Download and read the handout below for the answers.

click here to download a handout as to how you deal with a "Courtesy Case"